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Get trained in interventions & learn how to work with families and gain the steps of becoming a Certified Interventionist Professional

Mission Statement:

Canada Interventions Skills & Training 101 (CIT) Can Am InterventionsTo enrich, inspire and educate professionals in the health care field arena. To raise the bar of professionalism, improve the quality of treatment for those struggling with addiction and complex mental health diagnoses.


Canada Interventions Skills & Training 101 (CIT). Can Am Interventions. Training’s goals; to educate the professional community with evidence-based practices, specializing in professional intervention skills , case management & recovery management skills, ethics & professional liability, and business development & resources. To gain a clear understanding of professional organizations that offers intervention certifications both in Canada and the United States.

Canada Interventions Skills & Training 101 (CIT) offers valuable information and  evidence based practical skill that can help any professional working in the healthcare arena.

Will provide a download manual and a PowerPoint presentation that outlines six modules with a focused-on intervention approaches, case management & continuum of care, addiction and behavioral health information, professional organizations & ethics, and business development. A professional interventionist specializes in the behaviors of addiction and/or other complex mental health diagnoses.

Learn the skills of a professional interventionist.

  • Addiction counselors
  • Therapist/PhD’s
  • Admission specialists
  • Family workers
  • Addiction doctors
  • Treatment providers
  • Social workers
  • College students
  • Earn CEU's for Re-certification
  • Recovery workers
  • Transport persons
  • Professional consultant
  • Medical personnel
  • Business development

What is an Intervention?

A professional intervention is an unconditionally loving non-judgmental lifesaving effort, directed by a professional interventionist, which friends and relatives perform a great act of love. Lead by a trained interventionist for untreated persons that are struggling with addictions,mental health or trauma related diagnoses, by providing the family and identified patient with opportunities for recovery.

  • Directed by a certified interventionist
  • Family and friends or employers
  • Great act of unconditional love, non confrontational
  • Education on family systemic, addiction and mental health – related topics

What’s the success rate for interventions?

According to research, interventions work 85% of the time. The 15% who do not seek treatment at the intervention meeting are more likely to accept treatment within two weeks, if the family members are willing to follow through on the set limitations and continue to gain recovery support for the whole family unit. Interventions are a successful process that helps the whole fam¬ily and friends understand the cycle of addiction also it helps to create recovery resources.

  • 85% success rate of IP’s accept treatment on the day of the intervention
  • 15% of IP’s access treatment within two weeks of an intervention
  • Families sets boundaries and limitation/and stay consistent
  • Practical recovery resources for the IP and the family members
  • Family unifying and agrees to accept professional help



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